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Your Guide to Used EVs

Your Guide to Used EVs

In the used car market, there is a gem hidden in plain sight: electric vehicles.

Often ignored by shoppers because of a variety of myths, pre-owned electric vehicles offer some of the best deals out there. Most electric vehicles look like any other ‘normal’, gasoline or diesel vehicle. Many even use gasoline as back up fuel, switching over for you when needed, so you don’t have to stop for charging if your battery gets low (these are known as Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles or PHEVs). Many electric vehicles are also far cheaper to buy than traditional gasoline/diesel models, especially if they’re pre-owned.

This year, a bunch of electric vehicles are coming off lease, with many models available for less than $15k, before rebate programs even kick in. This means you can get a high-quality vehicle, with less wear and tear than many traditional gasoline/diesel models, for far less!

You don’t just save when buying, however. Electric vehicles have less repair requirements than their counterparts, meaning less trips to the repair shop and a longer, more stable vehicle lifespan. They also cost less to fuel, especially with bill credits from light plants, often halving traditional fuel costs, with a ‘gallon’ of electricity costing sometimes as little as $1! This is especially a big deal with many Battery Electric Vehicles (or BEVs) which run off electricity alone, meaning absolutely no need to price shop for gas again.

Interested in learning more about your options? Here are some well-loved, used electric car models that completely prove the myths wrong.

BMW i3/ i3 REx

2014- Present

Used Price Range: $12k-$25k

Type of Car: All-Electric Hatchback

Miles of range: Up to 153 in the i3 and up to 200 in the i3 REx

Looking for a chance to own a high-quality, luxury vehicle without the luxury pricetag? Look no further. With a fair amount popping up for under $15k, this all-electric/BEV is a competitive option.  Adapted into two forms, the i3 and the i3 Rex, for different travel needs, look for an i3 Rex, which features a range extender, if you have a particularly long commute or travel frequently.

Chevy Volt (Generations 1 & 2)

Gen1: 2011-2015, Gen2: 2016- 2019

Used Price Range: Gen1: $7k-$13k, Gen2: $12k-$22k

Type of Car: Plug-In Hybrid Compact Car / C Class, Hatchback

Miles of Range: 380 miles (Gen 1) and 420 miles (Gen 2)

Electric range: 35-38 miles (Gen 1) and 53 miles (Gen 2)

Beloved by many EV owners, the Chevy Volt is a great fit for those with longer commutes and/or range anxiety.  Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) like the Chevy Volt intelligently switch/ can be manually switched over to gasoline when charge is low.

Ford Focus Electric


Used Price Range: $6k-$18k

Type of Car: All-electric Hatchback

Miles of Range: 76-115 miles

A popular model on the used car market, the Focus Electric comes with a wide range of standard features, including push-button start, dual-zone automatic climate control, heated front seats and a reverse sensing system, granting you all the bells and whistles of most popular cars- at a fraction of the price.

Ford C-MAX Energi

Used Price Range: $6k-$19k


Type of Car: Plug-In Hybrid Hatchback

Miles of Range: 19-20 miles battery only,  up to 570 miles total combined range

Ideal for a busy family, the C-MAX Energi offers generous head and leg room, numerous hidden storage spaces, and a helpful ‘Sync’ control system (including voice controls, and a generous touchscreen). On top of that, it’s a plug-in hybrid, so you don’t have to stop to charge between soccer practice and swim class.

Ford Fusion Energi


Used Price Range: $8k-$19k

Type of Car: Plug-In Hybrid Sedan

Miles of Range: 20-21 battery only miles, up to 610 total combined range

With one of the highest combined ranges of all plug-in hybrids sold in the US, the Fusion Energi is an ideal fit for those with extensive commutes and/or range-anxiety.  Equipped with a wide range of high tech standard features -including a rearview camera and Active Park Assist- and available all-wheel drive, this car is ready for anything life throws at it.

Nissan Leaf

Gen 1: 2011-2017, Gen 2:2018- Present

Used Price Range: Gen1: $4k-$17k, Gen2: $18k-$2k

Type of Car: All- Electric Hatchback

Miles of Range: 73- 107 miles (Gen 1), 149-151 miles (Gen 2)

First introduced in 2011, the Leaf has been an affordable and reliable option for many (with many selling for less than $10k). There are two generations, (Gen 1: 2011-2017 and Gen 2: 2018- Present) although the first generation is the most affordable right now. Just make sure the battery is at a healthy stage when buying. If you’d like to learn how to look for that, reach out to as us

Volkswagen e-Golf

2015- Present

Used Price Range: $10k-$24k

Type of Car: All-Electric Hatchback

Miles of Range: 81-125 miles

A crowd favorite since 2015, the e-Golf looks and feels much like its gasoline-powered cousin, the Golf, only more affordable overall and with no tailpipe emissions. Designed with space in mind, the e-Golf features a comfortable, spacious interior and generous trunk space.

If you have any further questions about these EVs, any EV models that aren’t on this list, or about EVs in general, to reach out to Middleton Drives Electric at 1.833.443.8363 or

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