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Welcome to Middleton Drives Electric!

The Middleton Electric Light Department (MELD) wants to help you save money and energy any way we are able, while enjoying the better things our town has to offer. Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of personal transportation and are already offering excellent efficiency and performance at increasingly affordable costs. That’s why MELD is pleased to announce its new EV awareness program, Middleton Drives Electric.

In addition to the launch of the new Middleton Drives Electric website, MELD is providing residents with access to comprehensive EV resources and support via a toll-free support line (1.833.433.8363) and email ( staffed by EV Specialists. Whether you are brand new to EVs or an existing driver, we want to hear from you. Residents can learn about the different types of electric vehicles and charging, get connected with test drives and dealers, learn about upcoming local EV events, and connect with discount EV deals available to Middleton residents.

Why drive electric? Here are just some of the benefits of trading the pump for a plug:

  • Lower ownership costsCurrent federal, state and other incentives of up to $10,000 make it a great time to get an EV. Additional savings from low operating costs makes an EV cost less total to own over five years than a comparable gasoline only vehicle.
  • Lower operating costs – Through MELD’s low electric rates, driving an EV is like “fueling” your car for less than $1.50/gallon. Lower maintenance requirements mean you will save even more each year.
  • Better driving experienceEVs offer a fun driving experience with their instant acceleration and quick response. EVs also offer inherently better handling and ride – A driving experience that hugs the corners!
  • Improved air qualityZero tailpipe emissions results in less local air pollution. Emissions from charging an EV in Middleton are 70% lower than a conventional car.

Learn more about electric vehicles at and sign up to receive the latest information about incentives and upcoming events.

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